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This documentation is for version is updated for version 0.4.0.

Giving Context

The prompt that is used to generate the text is based off of the post title, excerpt, content, categories and tags.

So first, make new post. Then give it a title and save. The more it knows about the post, the better the prompt. The suggestions will be better if you add categories, tags and an excerpt

The AI Block

The WordPress plugin has an “AI Block” which you can add like any other block or by clicking the “Add AI Block” button in the sidebar that opens when you click the smiley button. This block will include text, based on the current post. You can click the “refresh” icon to get a new variation.

Inserting the "AI" block in the WordPress post editior.
Inserting the “AI” block in the WordPress post editior.

Converting The AI Block To A Paragraph Block

The AI block’s text isn’t editable. You can click the refresh button to clear the text and load new text. You can also transform the block to a regular, editable block.

Insert Text In Paragraphs

In paragraph block, click the smiley icon in toolbar to add more text to the current block. It takes a few seconds to load.

The WordPress post editor, with a paragraph block selected, and the Smiley icon in toolbar highlighted
In a paragraph block, you can add text with the smiley button.

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